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The 2nd and 3rd stages of advanced product quality planning (APQP)  with purpose of prevention of potential failure mode from product design (DFMEA) and development to process design and development (PFMEA). 

1. Product block diagram: a summary of product functions and special characteristic (SC)  

2. Risk criteria related to severity, occurrence and detection of a failure modes. Product severity is related to product design and development and product’s legal requirements. Process severity is concern to customer’s satisfaction (VOC), process design and development.   

3. Process design and development: define PFMEA for potential failure mode in manufacturing process from pre-launch before mass production.  

4. PFMEA shall be reviewed and updated when process or product design change.

This is an example of DFMEA in Vietnamese. If you concern to FMEA, please contact us for consulting and training.