ICS has together developed with diversified organizations for environmental, health, safety, quality to prevent the risks related to customer contract disruption or business.

Methodology to prevent the risk

The risk can be measured in every process, activity, and system. The business risk management shall be defined the factors and impact related to business, quality, environment and sociality.


The risk of unsystematic approach is to create the loss and wastes. The loss cost can be products scrap, the tools broken due to lacking preventive or predictive maintenance.  

Environmental performance

The non-compliance with logistic and legal requirements can effect to organization’s image.   

Health and safety

The health and safety issues can be serious if we are lacking hazard identification and risk management.  

Corporate Social responsibility

The labor law requirements shall be a barrier to employees and employer to share the benefits. The basic needs of employees shall be reviewed and satisfied through regulation on working time, discipline, income, salary etc.

The respect of labor codes and responsibility and authority shall be maintained.