Quality Policy

ICS is always to develop the management systems with customer, partners to forward to success.

S is Systematic management places a rural role in management

The approach is process input, output and its performance indicators realization. The core tools shall be supported in process design and development (APQP/FMEA), statistical process control (SPC) and measurement system analysis (MSA) and part production approval process (PPAP).

U is Universal development with several standards to maintain the sustainability

The development of business needs of strong management systems and ensure belief inside   customer and interested parties.      

C is Conformance with standard requirements

The look on conformance shall help people to find a solution approaching to continual improvements.  

C is continual improvement

The improvement is key factor for innovation

E is effectiveness and efficiency 

The process performance included effectiveness and efficiency is shown on key performance indicators focus on quality, cost, delivery, safety and moral

S is Safety

The business development needs to balance the benefits and the risk occurred.